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The hot summer sun beats down on the animals. The animals of the city try to stay of the asphalt roads to protect their feet. Water is scarce all around, but needed more than ever.

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The creator of the site who came up with the basic plot idea and site layout. Takes care of codes, runs and created shops, wrote rules, and is willing and ready to help anyone.

Characters: Ahanu, and Chaos

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Created most of the boards, Spell and Grammar checks rules, found and added images to boards, helps with site when asked.

Characters: none

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As Mizu's elder brother he takes care of the site while Mizu isn't around. He's very friendly and willing to help out any member with anything. He's had staff experience on another role-play site. He's fair to all members and loves meeting new people.

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PostSubject: Galen Corvus   Galen Corvus Icon_minitimeSun Jan 27, 2013 2:37 pm

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Name: Galen Gorvus
Age: Young Adult
Sex: male
Species: canine
Breed: pumi
Origin escapee
Pack: foundlings
Rank: vet

Personality: Calm and patient Galen makes a good vet. He's very caring for the injured and gets along well with children. Though he is quite timid with larger dog breeds and isn't very adventurous often saying in or close to the junkyard. He has little to no fighting experience and would probably run from a challenge. Though he has decent hunting skills he never puts them to use because he never leaves the junkyard long enough to find anything.

Physical Description: Somewhat short in the dog world he stands at about 18 inches in height. His medium length somewhat curly fur gives him a rather 'cute' appearance. His ear stick up atop his head at all times, but the ends flop over to give him a signature cartoon dog look. The fur on his ears are orange in color, while most of his body is a creamy white. His paws and muzzle are slightly more orange than cream but it's hardly noticeable. His tail curls up over his body to where it takes more of a ball look. His nose is mostly 'liver' colored but is accented with some black. A worn leather collar rests around his neck from his pet days. Large dogs offered to chew it away but his fear of them left him with the collar. Though his fur covers most of it and it doesn't bother his neck any.

History: Galen was of a pure bred litter. At the age of six weeks he was adopted by a family. The family consisted of a father, mother, teenage son, little girl, and a baby boy. The father worked in construction and the mother stayed at home. The eldest of the children was the one Galen was given too for his 17th birthday. The boy named the dog and was very kind to him. He yelled at his siblings when they tried to pull his fur and ears or beat on him with their tiny fists. Galen grew to love his owner and spent a lot of his time with him. When the boy was doing his studies for school Galen could be found laying nearby. When the boy went out for a bike ride or to hang with his friends Galen would tag along. Once the boy reached the age of 18 and was off to collage Galen got left behind. The boy intended on retrieving Galen after his studies but Galen didn't know this. He felt overall abandon and became very depressed. Daughter would often torment him and no one came to his rescue. After nearly a year of being alone and abused by the small children Galen ran away. When the father came home he simply slipped through the door and took off down the street, never looking back.

Likes: helping others, playing with young, warm weather
Dislikes: rain, human 'pups'
Fears: large dogs, abandonment
Parents: unknown
Siblings: unknown
Sexuality: bisexual
Mate: none
Children: none
Friends: none
Enemies: none
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[url=]Galen/male/young adult/canine/pumi/foundlings/vet[/url]

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