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Member of the Month -September- Oie_755847uw62ff0i_zps2a9d18ed Member of the Month -September- Oie_755847uw62ff0i2_zps0ffa7912

The hot summer sun beats down on the animals. The animals of the city try to stay of the asphalt roads to protect their feet. Water is scarce all around, but needed more than ever.

Member of the Month -September- Oie_755847uw62ff0i5_zps11948a24 Member of the Month -September- 1RiverShaman



The creator of the site who came up with the basic plot idea and site layout. Takes care of codes, runs and created shops, wrote rules, and is willing and ready to help anyone.

Characters: Ahanu, and Chaos

Member of the Month -September- Oie_75522422BGcbVh_zps105e9168



Created most of the boards, Spell and Grammar checks rules, found and added images to boards, helps with site when asked.

Characters: none

Member of the Month -September- 7-41



As Mizu's elder brother he takes care of the site while Mizu isn't around. He's very friendly and willing to help out any member with anything. He's had staff experience on another role-play site. He's fair to all members and loves meeting new people.

Characters: Galen Corvus, Tuwa Urika, and Zena Member of the Month -September- Oie_755847uw62ff0i6_zps6f3b90b0

Member of the Month -September- Unknown_zpsc82269aa


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Member of the Month -September- Oie_764032sC6YigED_zps75c294ee

total males - 6

total females - 4

total characters - 10

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males - 2

females - 2

total - 4

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males - 1

females - 0

total - 1

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males - 2

females - 1

total - 3

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males - 1

female - 1

total - 2


 Member of the Month -September-

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PostSubject: Member of the Month -September-   Member of the Month -September- Icon_minitimeTue Aug 06, 2013 4:21 pm

It's time to start up the Member of the month voting again!
Right now we only have the member of the month voting but one day we may have things like dog of the month, feline of the month, ect.

Cast your votes now

[b]Their profile link:[/b]
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Member of the Month -September-
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