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The hot summer sun beats down on the animals. The animals of the city try to stay of the asphalt roads to protect their feet. Water is scarce all around, but needed more than ever.

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The creator of the site who came up with the basic plot idea and site layout. Takes care of codes, runs and created shops, wrote rules, and is willing and ready to help anyone.

Characters: Ahanu, and Chaos

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Created most of the boards, Spell and Grammar checks rules, found and added images to boards, helps with site when asked.

Characters: none

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As Mizu's elder brother he takes care of the site while Mizu isn't around. He's very friendly and willing to help out any member with anything. He's had staff experience on another role-play site. He's fair to all members and loves meeting new people.

Characters: Galen Corvus, Tuwa Urika, and Zena Tuwa Urika-feline-female Oie_755847uw62ff0i6_zps6f3b90b0

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PostSubject: Tuwa Urika-feline-female   Tuwa Urika-feline-female Icon_minitimeMon Mar 04, 2013 10:15 pm

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Name: Tuwa Urika (Earth, useful to all)
Age: Young Adult
Sex: Female
Species: feline
Breed: Red Somali (with a tiny bit of abbyssinian)
Origin Feral
Pack/Clan: Order of the legacy
Rank: Hunter

Personality: A tough girl who don't let anyone inside. She thinks she can do everything better than anyone else and is always looking for a chance to get someone in trouble. A kiss up to the leader of the clan and a jerk to everyone else, Tuwa is hated by many. She isn't interested in anything but the best and can only wish to be the leader's mate. With him not noticing her she does everything she can to prove to him she is the most loyal member.

Physical Description: A bright fox red with distinctive white facial markings. Black fur lies atop her head and down the length of her tail. She has a chiseled frame and short body hair from her father genes. (she's mostly Somali but with a tiny bit of abyssinian in her). Her eyes are a bright green.

History: Born into the order from foreign roots, her mother was accepted into the clan while pregnant. The order promised her kits the best off care but she died shortly after the birthing process. The kits were raised by a female who had recently birthed her own litter. Most of her siblings died at a young age because the sickness their mother had passed to them. Tuwa was somehow unaffected and lived life learning the order's ways. She had little to no memories to her birth family and lived in constant wonder as to why she looked nothing like her adopted family. The Order with held her origins from her our of fear that knowing would drive her to leave the clan in search of her still alive father. They told her that her strange looks were simply because she was destined for something great, leaving her to grow up think she better than others.

(Below is optional)
Likes: Praise, pleasing the leader, being in charge of others, work, getting others in trouble, the leader
Dislikes: play, disobedience, slacking, laziness, others
Fears: love rejection
Parents: unknown
Siblings: unknown/deceased
Sexuality: heterosexual
Mate: none
Children: none
Friends: none

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PostSubject: Re: Tuwa Urika-feline-female   Tuwa Urika-feline-female Icon_minitimeMon Mar 04, 2013 11:11 pm


[url=]Tuwa/female/young adult/feline/res somali/order of the legacy[/url]

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Tuwa Urika-feline-female
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